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  Gold hors-d'Oeuvers  
70 g Pickled camembert type cheese, fresh vegetables 45,00 Kč
100 g Bohemian sausages stuffed onions, cabbage, vinegar, spices 27,00 Kč
70 g Tartar steak from smoked salmon with black caviar, toast 49,00 Kč
100 g A selection of cheese with fresh fruit and walnuts 59,00 Kč
  Warm hors-d'Oeurvers  
6 ks Escartgots with herbs butter, fresh French piaf 172,00 Kč
120 g  Shooting-range toast 55,00 Kč
80 g Asparagus with butter und Parmesan cheese 49,00 Kč
120 g  Smoked beef tongue with apple horseradish 56,00 Kč
150 g Tartar steak real sirlon of beef made of with 4 toast 198,00 Kč
0,33 l Beef bouillon with ham and cheese 25,00 Kč
0,33 l Garlic soup with ham and cheese 28,00 Kč
0,33 l Potato soup with mushrooms in bread pot dished 35,00 Kč
0,33 l Sauerkraut soup with sausage and cream in bread pot dished 35,00 Kč
0,33 l Czarist borshch in bread pot dished 35,00 Kč
150 g Piquant fried groundlings 52,00 Kč
150 g Salmon steak with delicate cheese sauce 158,00 Kč
150 g Almond trout 152,00 Kč
150 g Roasted troat with garlic vegetables 126,00 Kč
150 g Roasted pike with asparagus (preparation time 60 minutes) 305,00 Kč
150 g Grilled tigerrish prawns with basil sauce and fresh French loafs 315,00 Kč
150 g Fish additional charge 7,00 Kč
  Chicken specialities  
150 g Chicken breast with leaf spinach -chicken breast with spinach, cream and parmesan 113,00 Kč
150 g Pins of the Sisi Empress -chicken rolls with ham, cheese and mushroom skewer 125,00 Kč
300 g Fragrant chicken wings - served with vegetables mixed salad with savoury dressink 116,00 Kč
150 g Mountain of surprise -dice made of chicken breast, cheese and mushroom in potato batter fried 118,00 Kč
150 g Royal chicken - breast with peaches and caramel sauce with raisins 126,00 Kč
150 g Chicken steak with blue cheese 102,00 Kč
  Pork specialities  
150 g Viensen medaillons - natural pork tenderloin with mushroom in cream sauce 128,00 Kč
150 g English pork chop - grilled pork chop with bacon and fried egg 150,00 Kč
150 g Pan of our Chef - piquant pork blocks on pan dished 118,00 Kč
150 g Sabre of Emperor - pork chop, bacon and sausage on skewer 138,00 Kč
200g Dolly's braids - pork tenderloin braids served on wooden board with spicy sauce 188,00 Kč
150 g Pork steak "TAMBUR"- fried pork steak filled camembert type cheese and walnuts 112,00 Kč
150 g Tyrol livers - pork livers fried with bacon and apples 96,00 Kč
  Beef specialities and steaks  
150 g Jewish steak - fried steak made of entrecote 98,00 Kč
200g Beefsteak of Franz Josef - tenderloin of beef with pineapple and peach 207,00 Kč
200g Pepper steak - tenderloin of beef in cream sauce with green pepper 198,00 Kč
200g Flaming rumpsteak - marinated entrecote with cayenne, cognack and slices of bacon 203,00 Kč
200g Olive steak - tenderloin of beef roasted with olives 216,00 Kč
200g Beefsteak with asparagus - tenderloin of beef roasted with butter 193,00 Kč
400g Shooting-range targets - speciality for 2 persons made of slices of beef and pork tenderloin inset with potato pancakes and vegetables 385,00 Kč
  Pasta in cream specialities without meat  
300 g Pasta in cream sauce with salmon 96,00 Kč
350 g Baked pasta pan with brocolli, ham and cheese 88,00 Kč
350 g Baked pasta pan mushrooms and blue cheese "NIVA " 88,00 Kč
120 g  Ermine fried in mushroom eschar 75,00 Kč
  Child's meal  
50 g Fried chicken steak 40,00 Kč
50 g Fried cheese Edam 40,00 Kč
100 g Salmon nuggets 40,00 Kč
200 g Cottage cheese and damson-cheese patties 40,00 Kč
  Side dishes  
200 g Plate of fresh vegetables 25,00 Kč
200 g Plate of warm vegetables 25,00 Kč
200 g Parsley potatoes 25,00 Kč
200 g American potatoes 25,00 Kč
200 g American potatoes with garlic 27,00 Kč
200 g Baked potatoes 25,00 Kč
150 g Potato pancakes 25,00 Kč
150 g French Frice 25,00 Kč
150 g Wild rice 20,00 Kč
40 g Toast 10,00 Kč
100 g Bread 4,00 Kč
1 ks Roll 4,00 Kč
20 g Tartar sauce 8,00 Kč
20 g Spicy sauce 10,00 Kč
20 g Ketchup 8,00 Kč
20 g Mustard 5,00 Kč
20 g Horseradish 8,00 Kč
300 g Vegetables salad with chicken meat 65,00 Kč
350 g Pasta  salad with chicken meat 65,00 Kč
300 g Salmon nuggets on letuce leaves 65,00 Kč
350 g Pasta  salad with ham and cheese 65,00 Kč
300 g Shopsky salad 65,00 Kč
300 g Tomatoes with mozarella and basil 65,00 Kč
300 g Young lettuce with hazelnuts and fresh cheese 65,00 Kč
300 g Tomato salad with marinated fresh cheese and olives 65,00 Kč
300 g Mixed vegetable salad with garlic dressing 65,00 Kč
300 g Cucumber salad "TZAZIKI" 65,00 Kč
385 Fruit salad 75,00 Kč
150 g Pancakes with hot strawberries 62,00 Kč
150 g Pancakes with damson-cheese and poppy-seed 49,00 Kč
150 g Chocolate pancakes with nuts 53,00 Kč
150 g Pancakes with fruits and ice-cream 79,00 Kč
150 g Fried apple rings with cinnamon and caramel 57,00 Kč
  Ice-cream and fruit delicatessen  
Ice-cream dessert "Raspberry"- hot raspberry, ice-cream, whipped cream 62,00 Kč
Ice-cream dessert "Fruit"- fruits, ice-cream, whipped cream 64,00 Kč
Ice-cream dessert "Gourmet"- nutice cream with chocolateicing ang nuts 59,00 Kč
Strawberry pap with whipped cream 42,00 Kč
Ice-cream loaf - vanilla,nuts,strawberry ice-creams 8,00 Kč